Friday, September 15, 2017

HD3: Getting Into the Flow

Greetings FIRST LEGO League Oregon,

In this update you will find:
water flowing from various structures into fountain basin
  1. Parent Information Night and Building your Roster
  2. Project Updates!
  3. ¿Su equipo habla español?
  4. Coach, Mentor, and Parent Workshops END this month
  5. Building a Welcoming Team Environment
  6. Looking for something for younger siblings to do? FIRST LEGO League Jr Information sessions scheduled.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

LAST CHANCE! FIRST LEGO League Team Support Applications MUST be in before MONDAY!

Greetings FIRST LEGO League Oregon,

If your team is unable to pay National Registration, for the Challenge Kit, for a robot kit (for teams without one only), or for the Oregon Qualifying Tournament Registration Fee please complete your Team Financial Support Application BEFORE 10 am on Monday, September 11. You have this weekend to finish the application through survey monkey. We want to get ALL of the available funds and coupon codes to be used for teams in Oregon! If your program has grown unexpectedly this week, PLEASE APPLY!  Remember each team may only have 10 team members and NO alternates! If 12 kids showed up to practice, you need two teams to fully support them! As long as we have funds and you demonstrate how you are reaching out to members of the community who do not self-select for robotics or may have a harder time joining a team and demonstrate what other fundraising you have done, your application will be considered.

Please remember if you receive a robot kit through ORTOP funds, you are making a TWO YEAR commitment to FIRST LEGO League!

Teams will still be able to use the sliding scale to pay for the tournament registration fee even if you do not submit a team financial support application!

Apply for Team Financial Support Here

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

HD2: A Sprinkle of News

Greetings FIRST LEGO League Oregon,

We have a couple quick, but urgent items for your attention today:
  1. WORKSHOPS - Need more attendees or they will be canceled
  2. TEAM FINANCIAL Support - Last Round September 11th!
  3. CORE VALUES - Adult Play and Learn Session - September 11
  4. Teams need 2 ADULT COACHES
  5. Delays with Coach/Mentor Background Checks
  6. HYDRO DYNAMICS Season could close as early as September 30
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Friday, September 1, 2017

HD1: The Pipes Have Opened!

Greetings FIRST LEGO League Oregon,

In this update you will find:

  1. HYDRO DYNAMICS Important Links!
  2. FIRST LEGO League Team Financial Support Status
  3. LAST CHANCE - Coach, Mentor, Parent Workshops
  4. Free Table
  5. What Your Team Should Do in September

Friday, August 18, 2017

Fresh Washed News for August

Greetings FIRST LEGO League Oregon,
Woman using crank washer and child helping feed sheets into a wash tub
In this update you will find:

  1. New Website News and ORTOP Closed (just one day!)
  2. KICKOFF - AUGST 29 - Don't Miss It!
  3. Team Financial Support Awards Update
  4. Available Practice Table in Hillsboro 
  5. Space Available in September Workshops
  6. Oregon HYDRO DYNAMICS Schedule of Events

Friday, August 4, 2017

News You can Dive Into

Greetings FIRST LEGO League Oregon,

In this update you will find:
  1. Oregon Department of Education Funds Available
  2. Free Practice Tables
  3. Free Tickets to Kick-off!
  4. Workshops Around Oregon
  5. Fundraising Success in Medford!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

JULY NEWS, Summer Research is a Splash!

Greetings FIRST LEGO League Oregon,

In this mid-summer newsletter you will find:

    Splash of water as seen from the side
  1. Coach, Mentor, and Parent Workshops
  2. Applying for Team Financial Support UPDATE
  3. Teams Needed to Help with Demonstrations
  4. Team Members and Mentors are Invited to Join SWE!
  5. What Should My Team Be Doing Now?
  6. FIRST LEGO League Summer Camps
  7. Save the Date! KICKOFF August 29!